Xia Peng: 别担心, 都会好的 Es fügt sich!


When we last showcased Xia Peng’s works in 2015, the Berlin public shared our appreciation for the way his paintings comfortably alternate between the involved and the minimal. Not just a sense of compositional looseness, but loosely tight and nimble in terms of their sensibility and taste. The new works you now see from 2017 have not been imbued with too much subjective intent; they aim only to thread together various pasts and presents through their spare colours and solitude. Eschewing structure for melody, moving from the local to the void to the infinite, this is the direction Xia Peng invites us to go in. The monochrome and opaque images and segments are as likely to be a collage as they are a deconstructed image. The exhibition comprises 13 works on canvas, 8 in ink, and various block prints.