Migrant Ⅱ | 异地而生Ⅱ Between Abstraction and Empty Frames

异地而生Ⅱ 在空白与抽象之间

Migrant II 的展览向大家推荐以柏林为巢的两位年轻艺术家。这两位艺术家来自不同的起始地,一位是来自匈牙利的Márk Zsáry-Tomka,一位是来自中国的小华



MigrantⅡ | Between Abstraction and Empty Frames

Migrant II exhibition will recommend you two Berlin-based young artists that originated from two different backgrounds. Márk Zsáry-Tomka is from Hungry, and Xiaohua is from China. Their works, visually, would not be too unconventional. On the contrary, they seem to be restrained and discrete in this new fast digitalized world that overflow information, carefully avoiding all the current “trend” and pop entertainment. Their emotions gives out poetic and lingering emotional purposes. They experience and think of cultures and individuals’ emotional responsibilities, while each asking questions. Their creations both try to eliminate the current systems in the world, and instead satisfy their own primitive desires.