Migrant III: 相变 transFORM

Migrant III:相变

Migrant III 的展览向大家推荐的两位年轻艺术家,一位是来自中国的伍伟,一位是来自德国的Edith Kollath。



Migrant III:transFORM

Migrant III presents two young artists from two different worlds: Wei Wu from China, and Edith Kollath from Germany. Their works form a great contrast between reality and virtuality, stillness and motion, heaviness and lightness, ideal and critic. This isn’t a summary after they’re works are compared together, rather is a interesting discovery after getting to know both artists works. Except for that they both use the most common medium — paper, they have very distinctive characteristics. Their works exhibit distinguishing forms and cultural features, but meanwhile present young individuals’ different wants and ambitions for the reality and future. It is our mission to discover and showcase this kind of characteristics and petition. Artists after deep thinkings and realizations, put their own cultural features into a conversation. It enables the audience and the artists themselves to reexamine themselves, each other, and their cultural differences, which actually started a communication.