Migrant V: 乌有之乡 NEVERLAND

Migrant V : 乌有之乡





Migrant V : Neverland


Migrant V “NEVERLAND” opened on September 12, during Berlin Art Week. This exhibition featured our Chinese artists Zhitian Ren from Beijing, and Li Ma from San Fransisco.Just like the previous exhibitions, Migrant Birds again focused on cultural differences.We try to exhibit and establish a conversation among cultures through art, wishing to get to know ourselves and other people better. And so, we can develop lovely things together.

Li Ma and Zhiren Tian, both Chinese artists, form whose work we can tell. Their longing, curiosity, surprise towards Chinese traditional culture and discoveries upon those, are interesting and inspiring. Them with their own judgments and realizations exhibit completely different understandings, fun, and purposes.