Migrant VIII: 游戏代码 Game of Codes


候鸟空间即将迎来一场由两位艺术家组成的全新的展览:Game of codes/游戏代码。此次展览的两位艺术家分别是居住于伦敦的香港艺术家Silia Ka Tung(董葭)和生活在洛杉矶的中国艺术家Ma Li(马理),此次展览将呈现她们二人最新创作的作品。


展览展出的作品包括Silia的软雕塑装置、绘画以及 Ma Li 的材料拼贴雕塑、录像装置作品和现场表演,形成了一个关于魔幻世界、超现实与日常生活真实界限之间有趣的对话。这两位艺术家都将自身的艺术实践立足于材料和物体趣味性组合的探索,力图突破其固有的一般性的局限并进行全新的诠释。


Game of Code

MIGRANT BIRD SPACE is proud to present its current exhibition “Game of Codes” featuring the latest creations of Hong Kong artist Silia Ka Tung (Dong Wei), living in London, and Chinese artist Ma Li (Mali), based in Los Angeles.

A “game code” originally refers to the underlying code of an editing program, the most basic instruction for developing a game. In the context of Silia Ka Tung and Ma Li’s work, the concept of "game" is more about the artist's practice as an endless visual language game. “Code” here implies that their work can be related to the process of programming, as they are continuously writing, thus developing their own unique language or “code” as the basis for their visual programme.

Works in the exhibition include Silia's soft sculptural installations and paintings as well as Ma Li's collage sculptures, video installations and live performances, creating a dynamic dialogue between a surreal, magical world and the real boundaries of everyday life. Both artists focus their artistic practice on the exploration of the combination of diverse materials and objects, trying to break through the inherent general limitations of materials, thereby creating new layers of meaning.