Migrant VII: 从绘画到数字 From Painting to Digital






From Painting to Digital Art


Migrant Birds Art Space is pleased to present the work of four young emerging Chinese artists in Berlin. Feng Chen, Huang Siying, Liao Wenfeng and Shi Zheng's works all react to the consequences of current technological developments. These reactions are rooted in their own life experience, turning their artworks into direct interventions.


As the Digital Revolution leads us into the age of Social Media, regional and individual cultures of knowledge become replaced by new technologies. At the same time, individual techniques of representation are heavily influenced by the rise of the internet: On the one hand, once unattainable material and media become easily accessible worldwide – on the other hand, this informs a trend towards uniformity.


Although this trend appears to be new, many of the theoretical foundations of digital technologies are actually closely intertwined with the historical development of Contemporary Art – so much so that some of the resulting techniques might already seem "traditional" today.


If Painting once marked the entrance into art academies and art discourse, a new generation of artists has moved from the painted picture to Video Art, Sound Art and other multimedia art forms. Their works deeply reflect the influence of digital technologies, often freely oscillating between different media and experimenting with the new possibilities Digital Art offers. We are excited to find out which insights and inspirations the following young Chinese artists will bring to the Berlin audience.