Fu Zi

Liu Wenquan, also known as Fuzi, was born in Baotou, Inner Mongolia, Chi- na in 1968.

He graduated in Oil Painting from the Chinese Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1993.

He currently lives and works in Beijing.

2000. Sarina award, the highest award for artistic creation in Inner Mongolia.

1999. “春夏秋冬”, Golden Award in Inner Mongolia Art Exhibition, Inner

Mongolia Art Museum

1997. Golden Award of oil painting in the art exhibition of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the 50th anniversary of its founding, Inner Mongolia Art Museum

There is one thing in common between Polaroid and watercolour: they are both full of uncertainties. Fuzi’s new technique of Polaroid -painting shows a form of pictorial, private and abstract romanti- cism. His works consist of watercolour painting what would be wasted Polaroid photos. However, Fuzi does not describe those scenes according to the original style of nature, but as the memo- ries of those who have experienced it. In fact, he began purchasing wasted photos from people on the internet to find something new and “get help from others’ eyes”. Thus, Fuzi finds himself facing his own identity and the relationship between him and the original photographer. He has to figure out how to include both perspec- tives while keeping them distinct. Polaroid photography embodies a unique notion of immutability and the concept of “instantaneity”. The element of the painting is applied to add an ambiguous view into the gap between reality and fantasy, offering an approach in- to the world of abstraction and non-linear time.

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