Zhang Qiang aka Zhang Ruo

1982 Born in Handan Hebei Province
2006 Graduated from the Hebei Normal University

2011 Set up The Forest Stu- dio in beijing
2017 Moved to Berlin, Ger- many

He recently changed his name from Zhang Qiang (, strong) to Zhang Ruo (, weak): this artist’s work may seem like cute and sprouting at first glance, but after careful consideration, everyone will soon realize that the serious topics conveyed through these works are being tran- sformed, ravaged, controlled, and swallowed. Everything that Zhang Ruo worries about is anything that is irreversible and happening con- stantly. Although these may seem like broad and complicated concepts, after some time reflecting on it, Zhang Ruo felt that he should focus on simple matters and use his own expe- rience to express them. “Art itself can bring peo- ple peace, and anyone who likes art can relate to the message the artist is trying to communi- cate through the artworks.” The authenticity and vigilance are what are giving Zhang Wei gradual attention and expectation by the art world.

6.Animal master-Sheep  《動物家-羊》 2013 铸铜 丙烯着色 156x44x60cm (2).jpg

ZHANG RUO Profile 2023.pdf

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