Wang Kaifan

b.1996, Hohhot, China

Currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Wang Kaifan was born in an area where Chinese and Mongolian cultures blend. Growing up, changing region and place to live, corresponded to a switch of his own identity. The circumstances led him to feeling tossed between different religions and cultures. Wang Kaifan’s works continue to focus on topics such as symbols, language, identity and boundaries. His inspiration usually comes from combining natural or man-made traces and colors, spatial boundaries, reading words in daily life, as well as quoting the “nomadic” nature of Mongolian culture into the narration of his works. Always keeping balance among those elements, the transformation and aknowledgment of identity, language barriers and misunderstandings, the fragmentation and dissociation of space altogether constitute his leitmotif. 


WANG KAIFAN 2022.2.pdf

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