Feng Li

Born in 1971, Feng Li graduted in Chinese traditional medicine. Lives and works in Chengdu.

Life is dramatic and ridiculous, and that is exactly what Feng Li eagerly wants to record through his photos. His pictures come off as humorous and sinister, unveiling scenes from everyday life that look like coming from a surreal world. Working both as a civil servant and an independent photographer, he has been walking the streets of Chengdu since 2005, waiting for an interesting moment to shoot.

“Some people insist that art should be aesthetic, but I think contemporary art should break the stereotypes of beauty and show a deep reflection on life. [...] I don’t want to simply tell a story. The photo will make the audience wonder and let peo- ple think of it. For me, a good question is more important than a good answer.”

His vision is characterized by surprising juxtapositions, flash, and bright colors, shedding light on the absurdity of the world we live in. Feng Li’s pictures are uncensored, uninhibited, confronting the perplexing truths of real people.


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