Kuan Yun

Born in 1964 in Shanghai, Kuanyun lives and works between Beijing and Tokyo. 

“Kuanyun (wide cloud),” is the name chosen by Zhang Mingfang as he started his new way of life as an artist. Despite having loved art ever since a student, Zhang only began devoting more time to his own artistic pursuits later on in life after working as an art operator in his own gallery— Yi An— in Shanghai. After making such compromises to life’s pragmatism, Kuanyun returns to what he has always loved the most, writing and drawing. His works read like a diary, as he uses the traditional Chinese way of drawing, ink and wash, to tell the story of our life in the moment, drawing inspiration from everyday life as well as literature.The quotidian quality of his works reflects the emphasis Kuanyun places on daily habits that accumulate over time. Being an avid reader since his late teens and drawing everyday for seven years (taking a piece of paper everywhere when his drawing was easily inter- rupted by his busy gallery owner schedule), these daily practices have metamorphosized into his unique style. Refusing to devise a complete idea before creating, Kuanyun likes to convey his true immediate feelin- gs directly through his art. He wants to invite his spectators to bask in their own reveries made possible only through the relaxed and child- like nature of his works. 

Till this day, Kuanyun writes and draws everyday as he continuously practice reflecting, feeling life, letting go of unpleasantness, and learning about understanding and tolerance. 


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