HaoYu Wu

Wu Haoyu, born in 1978, Guang Xi Province.

Member of the China Artists Association, Wu Haoyu is a Chinese ceramist, who’s talent ensured him a spot in both domestic and international competitions and exhibitions. Every creation is very personal to Haoyu, and therefore must be well thought out. The expression of art should be the expression of the artist’s soul, abundant in sincerity and emotion. It is like speaking at ordinary times, the artist has to express their ideas clearly, rather than using too many adjectives. For Wu Haoyu it happens through colour and the material itself. Art is an ongoing unique journey, where people get to explore eternal themes belonging to any new generations. Tradition and modernity, inheritance and innovation not only puzzle many artists, but also give them many creative sources, as well as inspiration. This is how the New Stoneware came into being, Wu Haoyu latest work. In New Stoneware’s complexity both the emerging culture and the more conservative one arise, combining together contemporary and traditional concepts. Every work of pottery is unique and individually handmade. Thus, they are all slightly different in size, co- lour and texture.

Associate Professor of the Department of Ceramic Design and the Academy of Arts & Design at Tsinghua University. Member of the IAC (the International Academy of Ceramics, UNESCO). Deputy Secretary General of the Ceramic Art Committee of China Artists Association.

Along with his individual work, in 2014 Wu Haoyu founded “Haoyu studio”, where they create art derivatives and living utensils, including tea utensils, flower utensils and tableware.

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