Geng Xue

1983 Born in Jilin Province, China

Works and lives in Beijing, China
2014 Master’s degree - Printmaking Department at CAFA
2013 International exchange student at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, Germany 2002-2007 Bachelor’s degree - Sculpture Department at CAFA

Geng Xue’s ceramics have the extraordinary capability to embody a wide spectrum of feelings, exploring human nature at its core. Her works are raw, to the point of addressing the cruelty of the world we live in. At the same time, she shows great empathy towards humankind, putting its struggles at the center of her artistic research. 

Employing an extended range of techniques, she displays from the loneliness of modern people, to the rage and instincts of humans, to the complex structure of animals in ancient legends. Her focus are emotions, and she actively integrates them in her work, resulting in elegant ceramics, that contain delicate stories.

“Against the overwhelming powerlessness and isolation, one instinctively responds through destruction and violence. Geng Xue further calls attention to the cruelty of destructiveness that is within human nature.”

9 蜘蛛精在兔妈妈的山中吐丝01.jpg

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