We Were Smart 杀玛特,我爱你!
21.11.07 -- 21.11.07

We Were Smart is a critically acclaimed Chinese independent documentary film on a controversial, distinct, and shunned subculture created by young, rural migrant workers in China, which has stimulated heated discussions on Sweatshops, migrant worker rights, self-identity, and cultural expression of marginalized rural youths, etc. 

It consists of a large number of short clips directly filmed by those workers themselves and footage of interviews.  It is, personally speaking, one of the best Chinese documentaries We've seen/known in the past few years. 

Dircted by Yifan Lee.

The screening will be hosted on the evening of 7th Nov, at Migrant Bird Space located in Mitte. The film has Chinese and English subtitles while the discussion will be mainly in Chinese for the convenience of the majority of the expected audience.

You can also check its IMDB page for more info

Screening starts at 7pm, 7 Nov (this Sunday)

The event is free, thanks to the generous help of the Migrant Birds and 706 Youth Community Berlin

Add: Migrant Birds Arts Management (Art Gallery) Koppenpl. 5, 10115 Berlin

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