FINISSAGE & ARTIST TALK: Ruohan Wang and Baruch Gottlieb
19.01.02 -- 19.01.02

Ruohan Wang & Baruch Gottlieb in conversation and finissage of Ruohan's solo-exhibition LIMITED TIME OFFER. The exhibition will travel to Beijing afterwards.

Ruohan Wang, 王若晗, is a Chinese illustrator, painter & visual artist based in Berlin since 2012. In 2016, she graduated from the Berlin University of Arts (UDK), as part of the master-class of Prof. Henning Wagenbreth with a focus on "Interactive experiment between motion art and sound". Between 2013 and 2017, she created various illustration- and visual motion-projects for clients and spaces such as: Confucius Institute Leipzig, Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin, CeeCee Berlin, Marni Fashion Week SS2017, Bauhaus University Weimar, Chinese 24 solar festivals, Walls festival Jerusalem 2018, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. 

Baruch Gottlieb is a Canada-born media artist exploring navigable fiction and documentary and an active member of the Telekommunisten Network. His work's focus is the industrialisation of the subject of industrially-produced media. He lectures at the Studium Generale of the University of Arts, Berlin. He is curator of the traveling exhibition "Bodenlos: Vilém Flusser and the Arts." His latest book "A Political Economy of the Smallest Things" explores the production of digital information at the nano-scale.