Chen Zhou - Yes, It's me?
21.08.10 -- 21.09.10

During August 2021, Migrant Bird Space is going to show the most recent interdisciplinary film works by Chen Zhou.

In 2015, Migrant Bird Space screened Chen Zhou's film 'I am not ChenZhou'. As we have become familiar with his cinematic language, we are aware that the artist has developed new concepts and ideas since then. 

His most recent work revolves around the ideas of imprisonment and liberation. Chen Zhou believes that the act of labelling is a prison, and that freedom resides in the uncertain moment before definition. He unpacks these important concept by exploring the role of death in contemporary life, and by deconstructing our sense of existence in a humorous, light hearted way. Always attempting to dismantle restrictive structures, his works reveal the absurdity of labels and shed light over the uncertainty of today's world.