Poppy and recollection
22.03.11 -- 22.04.22

For the new exhibition this March, Migrant Bird Space will present four charming and captivating abstract artists, including Xia Peng and Clara Bröermann - already previously exhibited at our gallery. This time, we will also introduce to our audience two new promising artists, Wang Kaifan and Huang Jia. 

Our life is often split between what’s tangible and what's abstract, such as the concepts of freedom, will, spirit and existence. These notions allow us to take a step back and look beyond the general narrative, trying to surpass some insurmountable reality, hoping to get rid of what is anchoring us to the material world, to finally set our souls free.

The purpose of this exhibition is to introduce the creations of these artists living in Berlin, who are eager to break free from the rigid artistic constrictions of this era. The works are characterized by sharp edges and corners or liquid and flowing abstract shapes, bright colors. In the meantime, they also depict geometrically intertwined spaces with rich and bright colors, which are reminiscent of urban life and the relationship between man and nature. Witnessing Berlin’s life and art activities, this collective has been "inspired" - that is, their artistic production mainly generates from the feelings aroused by everyday life's encounters.


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