Spring warming show - Contemporary Chinese Ceramic and Lacquer
22.04.09 -- 22.05.27

In this exhibition, we are presenting the lacquer, ceramic, and glassworks of 5 Chinese artists, Weng Jijun, Wu Haoyu, Zhong Sheng, Qi Zhuo, Zhang Qiang and Wang Hua. Through the employ of traditional materials and techniques, they mix their own personal language with the contemporary taste and vocabulary, in order to create a dialogue with the past, and project it into the future. 

Time and time, we are flooded by unbelievable news, leading us to dissociate from reality. Too often, these artists feel detachment towards this declining world. For this reason, they turn to the past to find reassurance and reconcile with our uncertain future. Refined by years of studies, their practice allow them to bring the tradition to life in front of the viewer, meanwhile creating a strong bond to the surrounding environment. 

Their works and artifacts are expressive, nourishing our lives and hearts. Their soft shapes and silky lines comfort our troubled mind and soul, leading us to feel closer to Mother Nature. They are hymns to fire, the Earth, nature, and people's hearts. 

qi zhuo_-17.jpg

Qi Zhuo, 11x9x 8cm, Song Dynasty Hutian kiln remnants with blown glass. 2021

翁纪军 WENG JIJUN 2022.pdf

齐倬 QI ZHUO 2022 2.pdf

王画 WANG HUA 2021.pdf

吴昊宇 WU HAOYU 2021.pdf

张强 ZHANG QIANG 2021.pdf

钟声 ZHONG SHENG 2022.pdf

安晓彤 AN XIAOTONG 2021 2.pdf

黄佳 HUANG JIA 2021.pdf