Xia Peng & Teresa Murta
23.05.12 -- 23.06.16

The exhibition "Authentic" presents the latest series of exquisite paintings by artists Xia Peng and Teresa Murta. Through their transcendence of reality in their artistic expressions, they skillfully narrate captivating stories that evoke sensitive and disquieting emotions in the viewers. These works, while grounded in the foundations of realism, demonstrate a profound understanding and imaginative exploration of both the tangible and the surreal. The artists fearlessly unleash their artistic interpretations of enchanted realities, prompting the audience to delve into contemplation on the intricate relationship between the real and the non-real, existence and fiction. 

Within the artworks, one can discern a discerning skepticism and a palpable anxiety towards the deficiency of observations in contemporary art history and the overwhelming saturation of information. Leveraging the medium of painting, Xia Peng and Teresa Murta delve into the realms of contemporary visual resources, examining perspectives, motivations, desires, and capacities in observation, all while navigating the pressing urgency and precariousness inherent in the act of seeing. Their artworks weave an intellectually stimulating artistic tapestry, placing a profound emphasis on the interplay between form and content, and effectively conveying a compelling inquiry and exploration of the boundaries between reality and transcendence.