Boys Boys Boys/ Lin Zhipeng aka 223 林志鹏个展
23.06.24 -- 23.08.18

In this exhibition series, our focus pivots towards 'Boys Boys Boys', an exploration of male emotional conflicts and expressions. Through an in-depth study of themes such as innocence, purity, deep-seated emotions, vulnerability, tensions of growth, and the intricacies of intimacy and desire, the artists involved in the MBS Summer Project BoysBoysBoys present a collection of compelling and intellectually stimulating artworks. They boldly challenge conventional aesthetic standards and gender norms, culminating in fresh, emotionally resonant, and intellectually evocative pieces.

The crux of this exhibition lies in the integration of our selves with the world and the active listening this entails, fostering an appreciation of beauty that is rooted more in intuition and perception than in analytic judgment. In this curated space, we deliberately shift from the didactic approach of aesthetic theories to an exploration of intrinsic allure.

In our perceptions of beauty, we're influenced by an amalgamation of traditional and culturally specific elements, deeply ingrained and widely acknowledged. These elements often present themselves in aesthetically pleasing, charming, albeit occasionally clichéd ways. However, through interpersonal connections and cross-cultural evolution, we as a society continue to expand our capacity for joy and relaxation. This allows for a broader, more diverse perspective of beauty, acknowledging that the human viewpoint is not the only valid perspective. The definitions of vitality and authority in such matters may challenge our preconceived notions.

In the limited scope of our cognition, we must remain aware of our potential biases when defining such concepts.

In this exhibition series, the artists present innovative, moving, and thought-provoking artworks that explore same-sex emotions and interactions. By transcending traditional aesthetic paradigms, they provide viewers with novel aesthetic experiences while probing into the universal aspects of human emotions. This nuanced exploration makes for a stimulating and profound immersion in the complexity of human emotional landscapes.


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