Bodies of Myth 神话之躯/ Geng Xue Solo exhibition 耿雪个展
23.09.23 -- 23.10.28

We are delighted to announce an upcoming exhibition in Berlin featuring the exceptional works of Geng Xue, showcasing 30 recent ceramic sculptures and works on paper. Geng Xue's artistic journey began with a strong focus on ceramics and has since expanded to include sculpture, painting, and animation films. Her mastery of clay, glaze, and firing techniques brings forth the captivating allure of ceramics.

One of Geng's most notable works, "Mr. Sea," draws inspiration from the Qing Dynasty novel "Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio." Through the use of multiple mirror effects, she skillfully blurs the boundaries between the ghost world and the psychological realm, challenging viewers' perceptions of reality. Geng's concept of "Porcelain Vision" explores the interplay between light and objects, delving into profound philosophical explorations of the phenomenal world.

Geng Xue's artistic trajectory is exemplified through her acclaimed "Life Trilogy," which includes iconic works such as "Mr. Sea," "The Poetry of Michelangelo," and "The Name of Gold." These pieces demonstrate her profound engagement with classical art history while offering contemporary reinterpretations. Geng fearlessly addresses pressing societal issues, including gender inequality, the erosion of individuality, and the weight of cultural shadows in modern Chinese society.

In her recent works, Geng goes beyond traditional narratives, embracing a more integrated and interactive approach. Her art delves into themes of birth, destruction, and the intricate relationship between humanity and nature. Through textured sculptures and installations, she evokes a sense of decadence and grandeur, inviting viewers to reflect upon their role in the Anthropocene era and the pursuit of harmony amidst chaos.

Geng Xue's artistic evolution expands her vision to encompass broader perspectives of time and space. Drawing inspiration from nature, philosophy, and technology, she illuminates universal and abstract themes. Her artworks emphasize the delicate yet resilient nature of humanity, embodying the eternal struggle to establish order in a world fraught with tension and change.

This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to experience Geng Xue's recent works firsthand, offering a profound and captivating exploration of her artistic prowess.



青花洞窟 Blue-and-White Cave, 2023porcelain, 23x18x19 cm

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