23.11.04 -- 23.12.22

“Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also.” 

Carl Jung 

By definition, an error is the deviation of a state, process or result from a norm, the rules or a goal. It is generally considered to be an action that is inaccurate or wrong. However, the etymology derives from the Latin term 'errare', which means 'to go astray'. So how about we look at a mistake not as an error, but as a wandering, a search for a path other than the normative one. In art, many searches off the beaten track resemble just that, a foray into one's own openness and vulnerability. 

In ancient Greek theatre, there were conflicts that could not always be resolved by human action. Their resolution or decision came ‚from above‘ through the surprising intervention of a deity who gave the final turn to the events. Artists often rely on the intervention of the higher, the ‚Deus Ex Machina‘. On being able to surrender to the anarchic movement of the hand or the will of the brush, which offers solutions within the painting process that cannot be achieved intellectually – allowing for error while wandering into the unconscious. The artists chosen for this exhibition seem to embark on an exploratory journey into the transcendence of the imagination. The engaging expression of their works bundles the various theories and philosophical directions they grapple with. 

Artist List: Valentina Eppich • Emil Urbanek • Dennis Scholl • Miriam Beichert • Teresa Murta • Olaf Hajek