鲰鳞图册Tales of marine creatures: An Artistic Chronicle
24.01.05 -- 24.02.23

In the field of Chinese ink painting, Su Rui stands as one of the distinguished representatives of the new generation. He regards ink art as the focal point of his creations, inheriting traditional painting techniques from past masters while drawing inspiration extensively from ancient Chinese murals, New Year paintings, sculptures, and traditional folk crafts. Through continuous contemplation and practice, Su Rui's work has achieved multifaceted breakthroughs. When brush, ink, paper, and silk converge, the creations possess a unique and liberated spiritual temperament—authentic yet with an illusionary touch, both elegantly restrained and astonishingly bizarre, hinting at profound satire.

Su Rui's artworks reflect his meticulous observation of nature and life. The vivid and accurate portrayal of animal figures in each piece captures not just the realism but also delves into the intrinsic essence of the subjects, integrating implications of human nature. This demonstrates Su Rui's inheritance of the traditional Chinese art form that portrays the spirit while also pioneering a creative process of portraying the spirit through form. Furthermore, he excels in representing intricate details, encompassing both objective structure and rich imaginative elements. These lucid yet subtle details compose "life" laden with myriad emotions and spiritual significance. Whether fish or shrimp, they seem to emerge from the depths of consciousness, presenting themselves before the viewer. In 2023, Su Rui introduced a new series titled "Zou Lin Tu Ce Series," originating from Song Qi's "Yi Zhou Fang Wu Lue Ji, Shi Bie Yu." The series encapsulates the contemporary social environment and individuals submerged within the masses. By endowing peculiar yet human-like expressions to creatures like fish, turtles, shrimp, and crabs, Su Rui delineates prevalent life conditions of the present. Some show anger, some self-deprecation, some display authority, others exhibit a wooden demeanor, some exude peculiarity, while others reflect comfort. These marine creatures mirror our presence amid bustling urban landscapes. The artworks outline the traits of small fish in the sea, reflecting the characteristics of small individuals in the human sea. Through personalized depictions, it intricately dissects inner states, expressing diverse emotions and reactions provoked by the rapid changes in society, showcasing an adaptive resignation in the face of helplessness and waiting. After all, we perpetually dwell in this vast “sea."

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Su Rui

2008 -  Tyne & Wear Museum in Newcastle, UK, "Untold Stories: Chinese Experimental Ink Painting" exhibition, where exhibited artworks were collected by the museum.

2009 - "Kürormer Chinese Contemporary Art Excellence Scholarship" exhibition at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

2010 - 7th Shenzhen International Ink Biennial.

2012 - the inaugural "Heart of Nature" Italy-China Contemporary Art Biennial Exhibition in Italy.

2013 - 8th Shenzhen International Ink Biennial.

2017 - "Rational Aestheticism: Ten Contemporary Ink Artists" exhibition at the Long Museum in Shanghai.

2021 - "Exchange Between Ancient and Modern: Contemporary Ink Art Exhibition" , Jiangsu Art Museum.