To Attain the Oneness / Fu Xiaodong Solo
24.03.30 -- 24.05.18

We are delighted to announce that Fu XiaoDong's solo exhibition, "To Attain the Oneness," will open at MBS on March 30th.
Fu XiaoDong is not only an accomplished international art curator but also an artist with profound artistic accomplishments. Her goal is to achieve harmony between contemporary art practices and the pursuit of traditional culture.

Whether observing the fragmented state of the world or collaborating with marginalized communities, Fu XiaoDong's increasing involvement in academia has led her to communicate and construct with communities worldwide, seeking harmony, tranquility, inspiration, solutions, and addressing practical issues arising from differences in life. Through exhibitions and artistic creations, we aim to explore and cultivate some modes of thinking that adapt to differences and seek ways of self-adjustment, fostering maximum integration with nature, the world, and inner peace and reconciliation, harmoniously coexisting.

In the exhibition "To Attain the Oneness," we are honored to invite Fu XiaoDong to bring her insights into Chinese traditional culture and Taoist philosophy from gallery projects into the audience's view. This work advocates not alleviating conflicts by emphasizing shared aspects but instead proposes seeking the way of harmony in the centrality of differences between individual hearts, social groups, and nature: the Taoist method is not to overcome or deny differences but to coexist with them in a space of self-reflection and practice.