22.09.15 -- 22.09.18

We are very happen to announce we going to show our Chinese artist Lin Zhipeng aka223, Luo Yang, Feng Li and Gu Lu on Unsee art fair Amsterdam on September this year.

Migrant Bird Space is located in the center of Berlin, and we have always set as our goal the promotion of young Chinese artists in Europe. This year, with our participation in Unseen 2022, we would like to introduce four of our amazing photographers not only to the Dutch audience but to the International one as well. 

Luo Yang, Lin Zhipeng, Gu Lu and Feng Li record the rapid changes happening in Chinese society nowadays, especially among the young population, who is not afraid to express themselves freely. Based in three different cities, their bold and vibrant colors capture aspects of ordinary life, otherwise unnoticed.
We chose to group them to bring light to their differences, but very close points of view on the Chinese society in the 21st century.


LUO_YANG_2022.pdf , LUO YANG_UNSEEN_2022.pdf

FENG LI 2022.pdf , FENG LI_UNSEEN 2022.pdf

GULU 2021.pdfGULU_UNSEEN 2022.pdf