Art salon Zürich 2022
22.09.28 -- 22.10.02

In this exhibition, we would like to introduce four contemporary Asian Artists, in order to give the audience the opportunity to better understand the Asian artistic production nowadays. Paper has been central in the Asian world for the longest time, to the point today where it allows artists to boldly breakthrough and intersect the traditional style and the contemporary world. Kuanyun (China, living and working in Japan), Zhu Xianwei (China, living and working in Germany), Yu Linhan (China, living and working in Germany), Liu Gang (China, living and working in China), Qi Zhuo (China, living and working in France, paris) and Yuya Suzuki (Japan, living and working in Germany), after in-depth thinking and reflection, they all recorded their daily life and expressed their own ideas on the contemporary society. Serious but poetic research has been carried out from the traditional philosophical thinking related to nature, to finally give life to a hybrid creation that harmoniously combine long-standing techniques and abstract painting.

QI ZHUO 2022 .pdf

KUANYUN 2022.pdf

YUYA SUZUKI 2022 1.pdf

ZHU XIANWEI_2022.pdf

LIU GANG 2022.pdf , Liu gang.pdf

YU LINHAN 2021.pdf