24.02.01 -- 24.02.04

We are excited to announce an upcoming exhibition in Rotterdam in collaboration with CHA&ART, featuring dual solo shows by two young Chinese female artists, Luo Yang and Jing He. These artists, representative of the emerging talent among young Chinese women, have been gaining increasing recognition on the international art stage.

Luo Yang's collection, titled "LUO YANG'S GIRLS," sheds light on a facet of contemporary China seldom acknowledged in the West. Her portraits capture a blossoming Chinese youth culture that defies imposed expectations and stereotypes. The GIRLS depicted are simultaneously bold, self-aware, and exuding a supreme sense of cool, yet they also reveal layers of insecurity, vulnerability, and internal conflict. Luo's images are daring and straightforward, achieving a delicate balance between intimacy and sensitivity. Above all, her work serves as a testament to the individuality of her subjects, delving into themes of youth and femininity while challenging traditional beliefs about women in Chinese society.

Representing the post-reform and opening-up generation in China, Jing He received education in both China and the Netherlands, and has spent a considerable amount of time living and working between East and West. Her artwork delves into the cross-cultural collisions and conflicts that the artist herself encounters in real life. She deeply explores how diverse social systems, economic structures, and political modes of operation tangibly impact individuals. Moreover, Jing He investigates how cultural symbols and phenomena play out in this intricate process.

Jing He's artistic practices, not confined to a specific medium, unveil the peculiar outcomes of cultural interactions and borrowings with a composed and humorous touch. In doing so, the artist utilizes established realities to construct her own historical narrative, offering a thought-provoking exploration of the impact of global connectivity on personal experiences and cultural identities.

MBS + CHA&ART Booth No.78 

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