Su Rui 苏锐

Born in 1974, in Qingdao city, Shandong province, China 2003-2007 Central Fine Arts Academy, Chinese painting 2011 - Master’s degree in literature 

When pen, ink, and paper encounter, that is the moment Su Rui’s paintings give life to “unrestrained experiments”. The nar- ration he gives of his work is also consistent with his mood, leaving nature takes its course. In his paintings, he consciously creates some contradictions, and then reconciles them visual- ly, expressing his condition and interacting with the viewer’s mind. 

Chinese painting has always captured Su Rui’s attention, as the development of painting is inseparable from the literary scho- ol of thought, the socio-economic and historical conditions of that period. As a result, the works of art we are creating nowa- days reflect a series of considerations, result of the current li- ving environment. What did not change is the essence. Novelty is not an end, but an experimental means. What Ru Sui wants to pursue are the interesting things in life, painting what he is familiar with. To move others emotionally, he belie- ves he has to be able to move himself first. “Painting is to com- municate with people of the same generation, not obscure, not extreme, not too academic, mainly to continue taking spiritual notes.” 


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