Asian Now 2022
22.10.20 -- 22.10.23

As we are getting closer to ASIA NOW 2022- in Paris from 20th to 23rd October, we wanted to remind you to send us a quick email if you are planning on coming to the fair,, and we will save you a ticket!

Our Booth M22

There are usually things or situations in life that we ignore, cannot be described in precise language. The two artists Yuya Suzuki and Wang Hua use their own visual vocabulary, portraying their own symbolic "unnamed reality".


As part of a generation of Chinese artists who grew up during a period of rapid urbanization, Wanghua uses a wide range of different media and methods to translate philosophical ideas. Finding inspiration in Chinese idioms and allusions, as well as in Western visual culture, her works are a surreal interpretation of the imperfect physical world. They bring the viewer into a reality with overlapping time frames, where everything is metaphysical. She considers her works a fable, which can express the artist’s feelings and story.


The drawing process of Yuya Suzuki is a gradual swelling and reducing, it begins with the gathering of images: Accumulations of junk, things and other clutter, that belong to most urban cityscapes. They are signs of a collective subconscious, gestures of a city’s inner essence. A collaboration between human hands and the natural phenomena that mold them.

These fragments serve as the raw material that Suzuki distills into signs. Here, the resulting signs represent an alphabet of an urban subconscious as much as they represent the subconscious of Suzuki. Ultimately, the essence of the city lies in its entanglements. And when these objects are passed on to the public, it becomes the viewer’s task to further transform and entangle.

October 20th-23rd, 2022 (preview on October 20th), at Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), 11 quai de Conti.


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