Ceramic Brussels 2024
24.01.24 -- 24.01.28

We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming exhibition in Brussels, featuring the exceptional works of Geng Xue, Qi Zhuo, Wu Haoyu, Gan Haoyu, and Han Dong. These distinguished Chinese ceramic artists manifest an unparalleled comprehension of their immediate realities, historical perspectives, and cultural milieus.

In their relentless pursuit, these artists embark on a mission to reconstruct facets of Chinese culture through the lens of contemporary stylistic language, meticulously unraveling the very essence of Chinese civilization. A prime exemplar is found in Han Dong, who delves into the annals of prehistoric human history, a journey analogous to addressing childhood traumas when confronting the neuroses of a troubled mind. This relentless effort has culminated in his profound Fossil series, a narrative spanning ancient fossils dating back some four million years to the sculptural and archaeological discoveries of the Han and Jin dynasties (BC.200-AD.200).

Geng Xue, on the other hand, masterfully communicates Chinese peculiar myths and taboo-laden corporeal narratives through her captivating ceramic sculptures. Her artworks become a tapestry of diverse human emotions, offering an intricate exploration into the very core of human spirituality. With a poignant confrontation of the stark realities of existence, she exudes an empathetic resonance that situates the tumultuous struggles of human emotions at the epicenter of her artistic inquiry. Employing a diverse array of ceramic sculpting techniques, she crafts a narrative that unveils the solitude, anger, and instincts of modern humans, juxtaposed with the complex relationships between animals and humans from ancient legends.

Wu Haoyu's ceramic oeuvre stands as a beacon of a distinctly contemporary Eastern linguistic expression. His Stone Age series stands adorned with numerous accolades from the Asian art realm, showcasing groundbreaking advancements in the academic sphere. Wu's exploration in ceramic art seamlessly melds Eastern cultural nuances with the tenets of modern art, epitomized by his New Stoneware series. This amalgamation, blending traditional ceramics with avant-garde technologies, serves as a bridge that transcends traditional and modern aesthetics, deepening our collective understanding and appreciation of ceramics, nature, and culture.

Qi Zhuo, in his artistic odyssey, draws inspiration from the daily encounters with the marvels of semantic and linguistic wonders, an odyssey birthed from the crucible of cultural diversity and sporadic misunderstandings. Using ceramics as his chosen medium, infused with a delightful touch of humor, he deftly navigates through various traditions and forms of knowledge. His porcelain pieces transcend their utilitarian origins, becoming both the medium and object of an experimental kitchen, introducing foreign elements into environments characterized by incongruity, enigma, and at times, even hostility, all while maintaining an irreverent, playful spirit.

Gan Haoyu, with an unmistakable predilection for ancient artistry and an unbridled passion for the craft, harbors a profound concern for humanity grappling with the intricate dance between self and object in the age of technology. Through his artistic praxis, he meticulously explores the aesthetic language of the technological epoch, seamlessly incorporating an enlightened understanding of traditional art forms.

This kaleidoscopic assembly of diverse artistic voices collectively gives rise to an enthralling exhibition. It masterfully weaves contemporary expressions and cultural reflections into a tapestry that intricately connects with the rich legacy of Chinese contemporary ceramic art. Brace yourselves for an immersive journey into the nuanced landscapes of artistic brilliance, history, and cultural introspection that these maestros have meticulously crafted.

MBS Booth No. A7

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